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Cipher [A Gravity Falls Tale] #Wattys2016

Who is Bill Cipher? It's a question Stanford Pines had asked himself many times. What exactly is the beast with just one eye that claims to be a demon? Now traversing the multiverse, Ford searches for answers, and the accounts he begins to uncover are shocking. Billions of years ago, young William was a two-dimensional being in a flat world. Frustrated with the boundaries of his world and the closed minds of his peers, William turns to exploring, uncovering worlds beyond imagination and starting on a catastrophic journey into the unknown. As Ford comes to terms with these revelations, the Time Agency becomes increasingly concerned and send out an eager new recruit to bring him back in. However, while these events play out, Ford's plans to return to his own dimension may have unseen, dangerous ramifications. In CIPHER, two parallel narratives occur, showing us not only what happened during thirty years of Ford's absence, but also definitively revealing the identity of Bill Cipher.

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The End Of MINECRAFT (Being the Final Volume Of the Minecraft Trilogy)

The End is in sight. After months of preparing for the epic quest, Steve and his men have found a way to reach the fabled End, a realm at the brink of Minecraft. However, getting there will provoke quite a challenge, internally as well, and even once they're there, the company still has a dragon to slay. Meanwhile, a storm is brewing as war finally breaks loose. Herobrine, now fully outfitted with an army of darkness, launches a campaign against the race of the villagers. Jameson and Theos clamor to gain allies for the fight as the remaining warriors prepare for a climax amongst the chaos. But amidst the war, the fallen hero could get what he's really after: a reunion with Steve. And finally, light years across cyberspace on the planet Earth, Markus Persson, the man once known as the hero Notch, must make the decision to return to the world he left years ago. In The End of MINECRAFT, the fates of Steve, Lucas, Jack, Alex, and all of Minecraft will be decided once and for all.

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The Edge of MINECRAFT (Being the Second Volume of the Minecraft Trilogy)

Steve has fallen. Three months after the events of "The World of Minecraft", the hero has been lost in an unthinkable move. His new destination: the Nether, where the warring people are ready to destroy each other. Steve tries to help find a solution, but his choices may cause even more destruction. Meanwhile, Lucas, Jack, and Steve's other soldiers must face enemies old and new as they track a high profile band of monsters. Things become even more complicated when a girl eerily similar to Steve joins the group, one who seems to hold clues about the coming war. Things aren't well with the monsters either, as creeper tycoon Israphel clashes with Zombie Number Five. And finally, Samuel Jameson has his own problems: the return of Herobrine. This sequel to "The World of Minecraft" takes you from grassy fields to the fiery depths of the Nether, from harsh deserts to the icy north. With its intriguing characters, gripping action and fresh plot, "The Edge of Minecraft" is a thrill ride.

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The World of MINECRAFT  (Being the First Volume of the Minecraft Trilogy)

Deep in cyberspace lies the spectacular world known as Minecraft. The inhabitants are peaceful folk who take pride in their heritage. But this peace is about to be broken. Ancient monsters from millennia-old legends are starting to stir, and all signs point to a mythical Dragon. A stranger known as Steve leads a quest to slay this foe, but along the way, he will discover an even more sinister enemy, one that will ignite a great war to end the battle that started long ago.(Rated PG-13 for fantasy violence, action, frightening images, and a brief scene of torture.)This is an unauthorized fanfiction. I am not affiliated with the Mojang corporation in any way. Minecraft and all elements from the game belong to them.

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Portal: A Novel (Portal/Portal2 fanfiction)

"What's that? Ooh, what IS that?"Well, it's a book. A book about a girl. A book about a monster with a conscience. A book about a friendly box and a bunch of talking orbs. This is the story of Portal.This is an unofficial novelization of a video game, which Valve owns.Portal/Portal 2 fanfiction(PG for mild peril)

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Fan's Soapbox (Rant and Update Book)

Beware. By opening this book (if one could call it that), you are entering the recesses of the mind. But not just any mind. MY mind. Here, I will tell fandom and miscellaneous jokes, deliver rants, and randomly release thoughts when they come to me. But don't worry. It's fun in here. Come on in. We've been expecting you.

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He's Watching [Gravity Falls Fanfiction] #fanficfrightday

The winter before Dipper and Mable arrive in Gravity Falls, the town is swamped with a blizzard. At the Mystery Shack, employees Wendy and Soos are tasked with keeping the building in shape while their boss, Stan Pines, heads out to buy some supplies. But when a blackout hits, strange things start happening. Someone's watching the unsuspecting pair, and he seems to only want one thing: their deaths.#fanficfrightday

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Star Wars: Legacy of Mandalore (Star Wars Fanfiction) [ON HOLD TEMPORARILY]

Pre Vizsla, leader of the Death Watch and alleged savior of Mandalore, is dead. Duchess Satine Kryze, Mandalore's pacifist leader, is dead. Savage Oppress, brutal ex-disciple of Count Dooku, is dead. Darth Maul is missing. A Republic invasion force fast approaches. And Mandalore is in turmoil.In the cataclysmic episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars "The Lawless", Obi-Wan left Mandalore with Bo-Katan and her renegade squad of Death Watch troops desperately trying to keep the peace. When news of Mandalore's plight reaches the Galactic Senate, Chancellor Palpatine is all too eager to send an army to retake the neutral planet. Of course, the covert Sith Lord has his own problems. He must deal once and for all with Darth Maul, his rogue apprentice. Find out what happens after the credits rolled in this epic Star Wars thriller.

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Echoes of Death [Marvel/James Bond/ Alex Rider Crossover]

HYDRA never likes to lose, and they have everything to lose. And with the failure of the Clairvoyant project, they now know nothing about the T.A.H.I.T.I. miracle drug. And when it appears that not one but two of HYDRA's oldest enemies have their hands on the secret to immortality, they'll do anything to come out on top.#fanficfriday #crossover

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