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Son Of Kaido

MC is reincarnated as kaido son

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The Chronicles Of The Shinagami Pirates

this is an one piece story with OCS and so onThe MC would be reincarnated into one piece and be the grandson of rocks d xebec. But he won't get a system or wishes he'll only be able to create three things that would help himso yeah that's it

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Reincarnated As A Goblin To evolve Into An Orc

Just read the story to fine outsorry for not updating I've been doing some new stories so no more izuku or mha stories sorry......

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The Pokemon Master

izuku in pokemon

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The Tora Of The Umi

Izuku in one piece

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The New King Of Demons: Nikolas

mhaXhighschool DxD

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Villain Izuku

yep a new story

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Son Of Bane


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Middle-Earth New Evil

izuku will be birthed in middle earth and it's not a reincarnation story. it will just take place in middle earth and no there won't be any other characters

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The Uchiha Clan Rebirth

older izuku but he's the descendant of madara Uchiha. there won't be a harrem or something and. No ship it will be a inexpensive night stand, when the lady learns she's pregnant she disappeared then nine months later izuku's child will be at his door step

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The Prehistoric Hero Izuku

I'll fill this In later

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The Demon Of The New World

you all probably know what's this gonna be about and shit

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Reincarnated As A Black Panther In Tensura

Izuku being reincarnated

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Izuku Midoriya Reincarnated Into Tensura

just as you would think

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The Reincarnated Holy Knight

so izuku would die in an world that basically like every other fantasy anime. But he was the leader of an cult that he will turn into a religion in the tensura world.He's kinda evil but good at the same time and he'll start as an wild animal told he reached their peaked form. Then rebuild his cult/religion

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The Viking Princess

yes I know it isn't one the stories I mentioned but I wanted to get this out of the way. I don't know if it should be a female izuku in a different world. Or an female oc

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The Sword Hero: Akuma

Yep a next story.I'll update the izuku morningstar after this I think. I just don't know where exactly I should start tho.this story is about izuku being an hero he's older than Class 1a and most teachers I think.

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The Father Of Dragons

Don't know what to put here yet.

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Izuku Pyro Phoenix

Yes an different version of izuku morningstar and so on

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Transfer to Ua

So for this Izuku will be a transferstudent. But he is in the third year yh that's for now folks....................... bye

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Izuku Morningstar

Mha x highschool DXD. Don't know what to put right now so. I'll update this later

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Momo's Mom: The Mafia Boss Of Japan

this isn't the one I talked about doing. This is just smt that came to my mind overnight and I just decided to just do it so yeah. I'll probably do the both of them at the same time so after the bio for this.I'll do the next one right after

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Reincarnated Deku

JUST read to fine out about this world/story.

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Cybernetic Izuku

You'll know in time and no. I didn't copy any other stories I just got inspired by some

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the Lava duo

izuku will be shoto's cousin enji will have a older brother,their mom teka todoroki will live with hisolder brother. And when they come to visit they will fine out the harsh treatment and take the kids along with helping rei out of the mental hospital and izuku and his sister is older than shoto by a year.................!!!!! so I was thinking izukuxXmomo or izukuXnejire or izukuXoc that has a water quirk!? You guys can tell me what u want I'll focus on this then my first story then the second and so on

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The Mythical Hero:

yep a new one

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