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Zomb Troopers

Inspired by the Star Wars Fans Prompt, Halloween Vault 2023. Standalone short story.Warning: There will be gore, blood, and death.Mature rating. Word count: 2,472Fanficwriter01 2023 George Lucas is the rightful creator of the Star Wars universe.Started and completed 28 Oct- 7th Nov 2023

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Ice Heart / Dazai Osamu X Reader (BSD)

Third BSD fanfiction.Dazai X Isekai'd Reader Copyright. I only own character and certain characters.The amazing author Kafka Asagiri, of BSD owns the characters and the fictional world. Fanficwriter01 2023

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SEER (A Jujutsu Kaisen Fanfic)

A jujustu Kaisen fanfiction. Gojo x OC.

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Sèance #HalloweenVault2023

HALLOWEEN VAULT 2023 ENTRY, inspired by the Paranormal prompt.It will be a standalone original short story and a reader insert. I hope you all enjoy it.Word count: 2092Rated: Mature. Warning: May contain mentions of death, grief, blood, intercourse and murder. Fanficwriter01 2023Wattpad paranormal for the idea prompt.COMPLETED 26-28th October 2023

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The Power Of The Phoenix  (On HOLD )

All rights reserved under the Copright, Rejet+ Elements Garden own certain characters, and I Fanficwriter01 own the cover, summary Akira the main charcter, as well as other characters. Concepts, and ideas of this story is all mine alone.Please do not make use of my oc without permission/ or copy this story. THANK YOU. PLEASE DON'T STEAL MY IDEA / CONCECT. RESPECT. Anyone found or proven to have stolen this story will be reported immedietly. That applies to illegally downloading any images or sharing this story to other writing sites. A year has passed since the events of Ritsuka using the power of the Grimoire to defeat the Vampire king but , her father now seeks a holy power with it he will regain full power and taking over the world. Akira Hoshino. an exorcist has a past she can not remember unaware of what she really is who her father is and the holy power of Light, a voice in her mind calls her a light bearer warns her of Lord Maksis's return. The Student council members return and Akira despite finds herself catching the eye of Shiki and from then Shadow Souls are after her.Akira must unlock her memories and stop Lord Maksis , in order to defeat him she must make the ultimate sacrifice to protect the one she truly loves by giving up something.. even if it means she will face the consequences and be cast out for loving a certain fallen angel and defying heaven to do so? Read and find out.©Rejet©Elementsgarden©Fanficwriter01

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Colour Blind


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Bungo Stray Dogs fanfiction.The heroine is about to go to her first official debut event when tragedy strikes and meets a painful end. She is recarnated into another world and meets certain characters that are oddly familiar to her. Especially mysterious and handsome man called Osamu Dazai. How will she find her place in this new world of Bungo Stray dog as a character herself?Will she find what she most desires most or or will it all go up in flames? Find out in A Fire Flower ?. The author of Bungo Stray Dogs owns the original Bungo stray dogs universe and its characters. I only own my main character, last name, family, and ideas. C Fanficwriter01 Cover illustrated by Fanficwriter01. Started: Mid 15th Feb 2023- ongoing

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Fanficwriter01's Book Reviews (2023) Hiatus

Fanficwriter01's Book Review requests (2023) More information is available in the Introduction. The book review requesting are for teens to adults only. Fanficwriter01Cover photographed and designed by Fanficwriter01.Copyright 2023.

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Mixed Anthology (2023)

Mixed Anthology 2023 contains a wide range of stories in different genres, fiction, and fanfiction. Some of the fandoms belong to their respective authors. Fanficwriter01 2023

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| Diabolik Lovers | Change Of Destiny | (Complete) ( Edited)

Diabolik Lovers Change of Destiny Book One.Synopsis: A medicine by scientists goes array from a fault, creating a virus that turns humans into the walking dead. The day everything changed for the youngest daughter of the now deceased politician, Yuki Hayashi. She lost both her parents that day, including Miko, her eldest sister who sacrificed herself for Yuki to escape the lab to live on, Yuki vows to return to reverse the virus. She has been on her own for days but when the food supply runs out she goes in search and stumbles across a manor. The same manor unbeknownst to her Yui Komori is in with 12 hot vampires. Yuki meets the Sakamakis, Mukamis and Tsukinamis and tries to leave only to find Yui slowly dying. There is only one way to save the heart, it will need to be implanted into another female body, the thing is, Yuki has a secret in her chest that has been haunting her for two months and is slowly dying because of it. Telling the secret would be the change of destiny that will change Yuki's fate forever....All rights reserved under the Copyright, Rejet are the owners of certain characters and I Fanficwriter01 own the cover, plot, , story Hayashi family and OC Yuki Hayashi ( main heroine character, who coincidentally has the same name as the music composer from Diabolik Lovers anime). Concepts and ideas of this story are all mine alone. Please do not make use of my OC without permission or copy this story anywhere outside Wattpad. Anyone caught plagerising WILL be reported. Rating #1 in komoriyuiThis story was entered in Wattys2018 writing competition.Rating #29 in Fanfictionawards2018.©Rejet©Fanficwriter01| Copyright| ©2017 Fanficwriter01Last Update: July 20, 2018Recent Update: June 17, 2020

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A Study Guide to Time-Travel

This is a work of original non-fiction. years of research since childhood and some fiction references. Please respect the copyright laws. If I find anyone has copied or attempt to pass my work off as their own or stolen ideas without my written consent. I will report to Wattpad team.

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Bungou Stray dogs. dazai X OC.After main heroine meets a terrible end, she is recarnated into Bungou Stray Dogs and meets certain characters. But there's only one problem. She has amnesia. Will she get memories back and find her hearts desire?Find out in Help Me, I'm In Bungo Stray Dogs. Please be advise story may have mention of suicide.Characters belong to BSD manga author. I only own my OC, plot, character ability. Please respect the copyrights. Under copyright laws anyone plagerizes my work or trying to pass it off as their own without my written consent will be reported. You have been warned.-_- Fanficwriter01Cover design: Fanficwriter01

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| Darkest Of Obsessions| Yandere stories from small to winged x Reader

From the small mythical creatures with green coats and pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, to winged and slithering hyrdrid Nagas, our y/n's couldn't be in more danger with freinds with yanderes lurking in shadows . Explore the dark side of mythical creatures of legend. Will our dear heroine be able to escape their clutches or become prey to yandere creature? Read on to find out if you dare...You can try to run and try to hide, but they will stop at nothingTil they make you theirs.A/N: No requests accepted, sorry no smut or lemons either. however, constructive feedback is much more welcome as it allows me to improve this reader oneshots for you, my readers.Warning: There will be mentions of cannibalism, blood, and death in this book. ©Fanficwriter01Cover designed and illustrated by Fanficwriter01 (2022)#48 rank in Naga

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Devil's Mark

A Dance with Devil's fanfictionShiki Natsumezaka is the main love interest in this fanfiction. Mage and He is are love rivals in this story.No Summary as I have no idea how to make short summary.Read to find out.Disclaimer: I do not own the Dance with Devils characters, only my OC, and original fanfiction ideaRespect the copyrights!#5 remkaginuki

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UNMASKED GIRL- rising of the shield hero fanfiction.

Main protagonist is freshman college student and friends with Naofumi Iwatai. One day she is involved in an accident. She wakes up in world of fantasy and four cardinal heroes. Finds herself falling in love with lone hero. Can she resist him or will he break her heart.Find out in UNMASKED Girl.Cover created by Fanficwriter01. #3 deathscene

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Fanficwriter01's Anthology (Completed)

Consists of all the short stories and poems I've written over the years. Some from writing group and early writing years. It's Wattpad only.Please respect the copyrights. If I find anyone had plagiarized my work without asking my expressed written consent will be reported to Wattpad. Fanficwriter01C2022C2023

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Wild Hearts: A Kamigami No Asobi fanfiction.

No summary will be included.

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A Tricky Messenger / Percy Jackson fanfiction

A Hermes love story.A oneshot fanfictionRick Riordan is rightful creator of Percy Jackson universe and many characters. Greek mythology and its gods belong to themselves. Fanficwriter01: Only owns OC, the story itself.C 2023

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Hailey Valkyrè's Art Book (Closed)

My drawings of all ranges from my own fanfiction characters to flowers and more. under Copyright the ideas and concepts are all my own artistic talent . Thank you so much Midnight-Black for encouraging me to create this artbook. :)Requests are closed. No Copying or Plagerising allowed.

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Oneshot Entry for The Halloween Vault 2022.Particpant of The Halloween Vault 2022. Origially written and owned by Fanficwriter01. 27.10.22

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| Diabolik Lovers | New Blood|  Book 2

An alternative of A New Destiny, Book Two of Diabolik Lovers Change of Destiny.Which version of Book Two is better? Sink your fangs into another read.Cover by Fanficwriter01.©Rejet©Fanficwriter01Last worked on: 7/09/2018

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Violet Moon

Werewolf Fiction.Two different werewolf oneshot stories, two chosen mates under light of the moon. Please respect the copyrights. Anyone caught plagiarizing work and passing it off as their own without prior written consent from myself, Fanficwriter01 will be reported to Wattpad. Thank you.Audience; For teens and adults alike to enjoy. There won't be mature themes.Fanficwriter01

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| Diabolik Lovers | A New Destiny |  (COMPLETE)

Book #2 of ' Diabolik Lovers Change of Destiny'. Must read the first book in order to understand this book.Warning: may contain mentions of walkers from first book, flashbacks never before shown and a bit of course language.Summary: Set a month later, what will happen when Yuki wakes up?The life Hayashi Yuki once knew has changed, Komori Yui had sacrificed her life to save me, that girl she barely knew, and now for the first-time, Yuki became an outsider in her own . With no family, nor friends. Her only means lies in finding the culprit who sabotaged the machine, only to find any evidence vanished.But when she coincidentally bumps into two vampires.. she finds a newfound motivation to start over, but nothing's ever what it seems...Many secrets of her past are about to be uncovered, will she ever see past avenging? And who will be the handsome vampire who captures her heart?Read to find out :) ^-^All rights reserved under the copyright, Rejet are the owners of certain characters. I Fanficwriter01 own the cover of this story, first draft, plot, Hayashi family and my main OC Yuki Hayashi, including appearance, personality and rich background. Also minor characters. Concepts & ideas of this story is all mine alone. Please do not make use of my character without permission/ or copy this story.©Rejet©Fanficwriter01© Cover art by Fanficwriter01. If there are any spelling, grammar errors or simply want to share opinion, positive feedback are much welcome in comments. ^^ #223 in KouMukamiLast updated: August 31, 2018 .

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An Oc and Peter Pan fluff romance story. I only own my ocs, plot etc. Once Upon a Time yv show/ books belongs to their rightful creator. Please respect the copyright, anyone caught breeching it will be reported to Wattpad. OUAT creator.Fanficwriter. 29# original fanfiction.

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Quicksilver's Bodyguard

There won't be a summary provided. based after Age of Ultron, favourite speedster will be in this fanfiction along with some of favourites.

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