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Just a Teen Romance

This story follows 16 year old Hope and how she finds love and friendship while dealing with the ups and downs of high school.

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A Night In The Woods

Saraha, Yasmine, and violet are all best friends. One night Yasmine decides to go with her friends to the woods near there school were she has heard of a girl who haunts the woods. As her friends join her on a night in the woods strange things begin to happen but not all of them will survive the terrifying night. Read and fond out what happeneds.

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It's Coming For You

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The Night He Didnt Show

One night Lindsy boyfriend dosnt show up. He won't answer his phone or reply to her texts. This is not like him and now Lindsy is worried did something happen to him on his way there? And when terrifying things start to happen to Lindsy she can't help but think that she's going insane but then what happens when he finally shows up one night and the next day she finally finds out what happened the night he didn't show.

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