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The Lighthouse

When the choking smudge of life becomes too much, and it's cloudy, wretched darkness wraps itself around his head, Cassiel Troy craves the solace of light. The safety of a nice, warm glow. He finds it, one day- He finds it, and he learns that it is evil too.\\An original work by Joshua Petersen\\

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The Opposite of Innocent | A Sequel to Unexpected Roommates [DISCONTINUED]

Everything was good, until it wasn't anymore- now, you just have to rely on your roommates to come save the day.This is the long awaited sequel to Unexpected Roommates! I'm sure you're all familiar with the book, and if you aren't it's heavily suggested that you go and read that one first.You guys have been so supportive of me. I decided you all deserve this sequel. Vote, comment, or don't- at least enjoy :)

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Kintsugi | Mafia!Brahms Heelshire x GN!Reader[DISCONTINUED]

Kintsugi; The Japanese art of putting broken china and pottery back together with gold.β˜†γƒŸ β˜†ε½‘People say you're a Black Snake, born and raised. Sure, your father is the Underboss,and yeah, he has been ever since you were born, but being raised in a cell of a room with only your younger brother to keep you company because you're a shame to your father's name doesn't really count for you being a part of his beloved gang.One terrible night when everything goes wrong Komodo ends up dead at your feet and before you know it you're forced to leave your brother and are running for your life; what are the chances that your greatest rival is the one to save it?

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Another Day In Paradise | Danny Johnson x Reader

You're... the new kid. As cliché as that sounds and as much as you hate it, you're the goddamn new kid in a goddamn new school with a bunch of goddamn assholes who really like to get on your nerves.Ashboro High looked good on paper. It had high ratings, great reviews, and one or two neat-o news articles but now that you were really here it was far from perfect; maybe with your dad and younger brother at your side you can make it through another day in paradise. -This is a Danny 'Jed Olsen' Johnson x Reader modern/high school AU type thing. I had an idea and who doesn't love Danny? So now I'm writing this and I don't regret it one bit. With such a wide environment I'll be able to add a multitude of different slashers to stick by your side as you battle through high school and fall in love with the resident bad boy, Danny Johnson.

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[Discontinued] A Killers Cousin | Slashers x Reader

"What the hell has gotten into you?" "Stop fucking struggling! I can explain you asshole, just-""Just let me at her already, Billy! Don't fuck this up!""You don't get it, just stop for a damn minute! Jesus Christ! Why don't you just listen to me?""Because I'm- I'm in the middle of trying to gut someone? What the hell, man?" "Well, asshat, you don't get to kill this one. She's no victim, Stu. That's my goddamned cousin."---If you had to blame anyone for the way you are you'd blame your shitty parents; they were the reason you were labeled as a 'delinquent'. You'd always known a life of theft couldn't be the safest, and now you were experiencing the bad parts of it firsthand- with a dead mother and a four year old promise, your only escape from the men who are after you is the forest, where you hope to find your last chance and only cousin Billy Loomis. What you don't expect to find, however, is a house full of killers. How bad can it be?

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π™³πšŽπšπš›πš˜πš’πš: π™±πšŽπšŒπš˜πš–πšŽ π™·πšžπš–πšŠπš— π™Ύπš—πšŽπšœπš‘πš˜πšπšœ

A collection of oneshots and drabbles based on the wonderful game Detroit: Become Human----- Requests are almost always open! Check the 'Welcome' chapter if you'd ever like to double check, as I will be saying if the requests are open or closed there. The 'Welcome' chapter also has all of the information you'll need regarding who I'll write for, what I'll write about, and more!

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I Didn't Want This Either | Gavin Reed x Reader

When you had been transferred to a new police station, a prickly human and a stoic android were the last things you had expected to gain from it. Whether they were a burden or an asset, you couldn't be sure at first- but some time together solidifies your thoughts on them and they really aren't as bad as you originally thought.As a group of deviants terrorizes the town, you, Gavin and Nines are the perfect team. Kicking robot (and human) ass and solving crimes together, your adventures couldn't be more amusing. Beneath it all is a blooming relationship as our favourite asshole, Gavin Reed, learns to trust more than just his stupid Tin Can.

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Not Crazy to Me | Slashers x Nurse!Reader

A broke, unemployed girl with a nursing degree who just can't seem to find a job... until she finds an ad in the paper for an insane asylum. The job is as a simple caretaker, so it's not exactly the height of what she could do, but it payed... surprisingly well, and offered a place to stay on nights she was too tired for the two hour drive between the asylum and her apartment. It was too good to pass up. Or at least, it SEEMED like it was, until she found out about the patients.

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[Discontinued] Ghosts all Around | Danny 'Jed Olsen' Johnson x Reader

(Y/N) was always a quiet kid, scared of large crowds and very easily overstimulated; college is no walk in the park thanks to her social anxiety. She finally finds a friend in a 'lost spirit' named Danny, communicating with him through her phone, anonymous notes, and little gifts. You grow close to the ghost, finally having a friend. But then your enemies start to disappear. And you know who's behind it all.

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Slashers x Reader One-Shot Book

Lots of oneshots for when I feel like writing a specific scene but don't feel like developing characters before or after. It'll mainly be for my writing practice but I also want you guys to enjoy it! I will also take requests as long as they aren't NSFW. I'm too awkward and immature for that lol.

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Unexpected Roommates | Slashers x Reader

You're now independent, alone in your much-too-big house... well, it would be too big if you were living alone. After an interesting then of events, however, you are definitely not living alone.There'll be a lot of slashers in this book, and I'll be adding more as I go along. For now, I'll be adding Ghostface based off of Danny 'Jed Olsen' Johnson from Dead by Daylight since i can't decide on a Ghostface from the movies, Michael Myers, Jason Voorhes, Bubba Sawyer, Freddy Krueger, Norman Bates, Hannibal Lecter, Thomas Hewitt and Brahms Heelshire.

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Unwelcome | Michael Myers x Reader

(Y/N) had a good childhood. She was babied by her wealthy parents, and definitely isn't used to being independent, but she had to leave the nest sooner or later. Now, she's moved to a small, quiet town called Haddonfield, into house the townsfolk called 'cursed' or 'dangerous'. The Myer's house. You were obviously familiar with his story, but you did NOT expect that story to become reality; and so, so much more. You are shocked to find out that your entire future had been decided by something as simple as moving into a cheap, affordable house.

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