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30 Days Of Smut

So, I'm doing a 30 Days of Smut challenge with the band members of Motionless In White. Every day there will be a new scenario in which different members end up doing the dirty. Hopefully this helps me clear my head and get back on my feet for my other stories. Enjoy. :)

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Memory (Sequel To 'Broken Edge')

*Please read my story, Broken Edge, first*Pushed over the edge by Ricky's crude lack of affection, Chris finally does it. He finally gives up. Slits his wrist and plunges himself off a bridge, but...that's not the end. No.This isn't over.He is alive.

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Broken Edge (Cricky)

Chris Cerulli, known as Chris Motionless, is the straightedge lead singer of Motionless In White. He is known publicly as never using drugs, drinking alcohol, and keeping his body healthy as possible.He has his entire band fooled until Ricky Horror finds out about his awful addiction, and awful second life. However, Ricky isn't much better. The two begin falling for each other as they work to fix one another.

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Comatose (Cricky)

When Ricky Olson is involved in a serious stage accident, he's left in a complete comatose state. Unable to communicate with the entire outside world. However, in his comatose wonderland, he carries on a complete second life. One where his fellow bandmate, Chris admits his feelings for him and they live together.On the outside, Chris is falling apart without Ricky. Being unable to speak with the small man is killing him. Little did Ricky know, Chris actually did love him.

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20 Facts About Me

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English Class

Devin Sola is Ricky Olson's highschool English teacher, and Ricky is failing. What extra credit can he do to make his grade up?

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50 Shades of Rogers (StevexThor)

Steve Rogers, now a powerful businessman thanks to the guidance and leadership of Tony Stark, can get any man or woman he desires. Thor Odinson, an Asgardian God who is in need of a job thanks to Tony Stark who refuses to support him any more.The two are united through Thor's need for a job and an open internship. Mr. Rogers will see you now.

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Unusual Parents (MPreg Stony)

Tony has been acting weird around Steve. He had been blushing an unusual amount, looking away when Steve looks at him, and avoiding complete eye contact. Well, after Steve confronts him Tiny admits that he has feelings.They go on a date and after a turn of events and some really great sex, Tony is pregnant. How will he tell Steve?

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Ice Cold Love(Loki Romance)

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