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Fallout || Stranger Things [2]

SEQUEL TO ROYAL PAINThe rise and fall of Tatum Rivers left a dark mark on Hawkins, Indiana, sending most of those involved to the corners of the country in search of solace and new beginnings. But when is there ever peace? As those remaining in Hawkins struggle to filter through the nightmare of the previous summer, much worse is brewing halfway across the world where the fallout will be nuclear. [post season 3 stand alone] [S4 not fic-canon]

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What Lies Beneath || Stranger Things

"What lies beneath Hawkins is no friend of yours." [extended description inside]|| seasons one and two ||

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St. Clair || Stilinski [2]

The calm after the destruction of the deadpool felt like it could last forever, but forever ended with the start of senior year. The return of a hero made it all seem good again, and the forces of nature balanced it out with the arrival of the Dread Doctors and their twisted experiments. The circle of distrust seemed to be growing, Theo and Jordan, Hayden and Valack, and quite possibly Jacy herself. Senior year was supposed to be easy and safe with graduation in sight, but even survival looks like a long shot in Beacon Hills. It had become a game of sinners and saints, and the line was blurred on who was which.|| Clairvoyant sequel |||| season 5 ||

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Royal Pain || Stranger Things

An English accent is bound to stand out in Hawkins, Indiana, and the town was more than willing to find something new to gawk over after the curious incident of Will Byers, the boy who came back to life. With government conspiracies, monsters and a perfect set up for a horror novel, Tatum Rivers had little say in her father's interest of moving home to Indiana, but was given a student ID none the less. | season two & three | top rankings#1 in strangerthings #2 in steveharrington#4 in billyhargrove#9 in mikewheeler#9 in eleven

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Canvas Wounds ¥ Teen Wolf {2}

{sequel to The Shining} Art is to console those who are broken by life, and Beacon Hills was breaking everyone.[EXTENDED SUMMARY INSIDE]{season 3}

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Heathens |-/ Teen Wolf

|-/ In which death insinuates the party of a lifetime and the revelation of the century |-/- extended summary inside -|-/ Teen Wolf AU \-|

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Silhouette || Bucky Barnes

"That's what I'll be. A silhouette, rarely seen, and yet believed in." In which war time can't keep two reckless soldiers from making a beautiful mess of their lives|| the first avenger ||

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Bloodlines ¤ Star Wars

"I am immune to the light.""Brother, we both know that is wrong."Some lines, no matter how strong, are better left severed. ¤ Episode VII : The Force Awakens ¤

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nativity ☆  teen wolf

In which the supernaturals of Beacon Hills learn the true spirit of Christmas☆ Xmas AU ☆☆ short story ☆disc. - I don't own MTVs Teen Wolf or any of its affiliates, I simply want to celebrate werewolf related Christmas cheer.

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Moonlit Murders ♤ Teen Wolf

[Short Story]When the air is cold and the banshee wails, the only thing left to do is run for your life.Who knew it could all go so wrong so fast?

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Bête Noire \\ Stilinski

"They've promised that dreams can come true, but forgot to mention that nightmares are dreams, too." - Oscar WildeKennedy Daehler was never afraid of the dark, not until it gave her a reason to be. \\ season 3b \\

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Supreme \\ Derek Hale [2]

she screamed to the gods and goddesses for answers, but only did they come when the moon made her realize she was one \\ deadpool sequel \\

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Iron Maiden  ||  Age of Ultron

Honoured with the tragedy of having an arc reactor in her chest, teen genius Macy Moore is thrown in blind to a life she never expected. She didn't ask for any of it to happen, but when she realised she had an opprotunity to help save the world, she responded inclined.|| after IM3 to AoU ||#thecomicmovement|| pietro maximoff || | dis. I do not own Marvel or any of its characters |

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The Science of Fear || Teen Wolf

{ h i a t u s }Evil doesn't die. It never does. It only takes on a new face, a new name. Just because you've been touched once by it, it doesn't mean you're immune to ever being hurt again. Lightning can strike twice. And oh, how Beacon Hills knew it well. But let's be honest, if Marina Wurthers hadn't showed up, it would've gotten pretty dull. || season 5 - original ||

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The Shining ¥ Teen Wolf

Winnie Jones never asked for what she painted or drew in the brief blackout spells that a shining within gave her. She didn't ask to see a lizard man with homicidal tendencies in an oddly named town or a boy with the bluest eyes she'd ever seen. To top that, she sure as hell didn't ask to get involved. But unfortunately for her, that didn't quite seem to matter.[season two]

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Pure  ×  Isaac Lahey

There has always been a difference between dark and light magic, but only darkness saves lives when it's truly needed. Magic can make any soul black, maybe even darker than the devil's himself.Not all magic is pure, and the worst kind is the most fun. When a witch returns to Beacon Hills in the midst of a war between the Alpha Pack and an unknown sacrificial entity, she only raises the stakes and brings upon a massacre of demon warriors and a fox with a love for deadly tricks.× season 3 ×

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Deadpool \\ Derek Hale [1]

Names on a list with a price were all they were. Humanity was pushed out of importance; the lure of money lingering overhead. The weaponry increased in Beacon Hills, and so did the body count. Mystery creatures and newly bitten ones aren't making it easier and neither is hidden history coming up to the surface. It's a supernatural deadpool, and you better pray you're not on it.\\ Season 4 \\

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Savage《Teen Wolf》

《Dilapidated Prequel》Before the demons took Beacon Hills, the Alpha wreaked terror only to let the strangeness and murder follow with a growth in werewolf population and a homocidal lizard running around. Addison Stilinski, twin to the sarcastic Stiles, has to lie to everyone and play the board to keep her true hunting nature under the radar from the enemies and those she loves.They're just a bunch of teenagers: How can they handle all of the blood dripping in the streets?*season 1&2*

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Lure // Jordan Parrish

She was told she was crazy when she claimed she saw someone with red eyes kidnap her siblings. People told her she was only guilty that they went missing on her watch. Fourteen years stood between the incidents but still the Carson family dealt with the same horrors. The problem never started in the small northern Californian place, but it always ended there. A year after the disappearance of her brother, Ellah moved to the blood soaked town figure out exactly what happened to her siblings. But maybe she was lured to Beacon Hills for a reason.And she, seemingly harmless, would be the downfall of everything// season four //

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Clairvoyant || Stilinski [1]

When Stiles' trusty Jeep falters on him, the sarcastic boy is caught in a drifting state and only one person can see him. Jacy, a whisperer of sorts, has dealt with plenty of ghosts, but Stiles is a different case entirely. She has to put Stiles back in his body before it's too late and hopefully survive something called a deadpool.|| between season 3b + 4 & 4 ||

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Dilapidated 《Teen Wolf》

Beacon Hills' community becomes laced with demons who are wanting something in particular and the only one who seems to know what they're doing is Stiles Stilinski's sister Addison. It seems the innocent little one isn't as clean as everyone though and only big, bad Derek Hale is willing to give her the time to explain.The King of Hell wants the Eclipse Child, a special person that he can weaponize to end the world. It's known to run in the blood of the Stilinski's maternal line, but the only problem is that neither side of the battle knows which twin is the right one.The King is willing to shed blood to obtain his prize, but the wolves and hunters of Beacon Hills are willing to do just the same to fight him off and take their town back.

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Worth Solving {Dylan O'Brien}

Genesis and Dylan started talking over a wrong number but something compelled them to keep the calls going. As strangers an ocean apart, they agreed to keep their names uninvolved and went by 'America' and 'England'. For months they spoke, learning nearly everything about each other except for identities. There was something there between them and they both could feel it.But when Genesis moves to California to finish university and realises just who her America is, it changes everything, but nothing at the same time.And as they move together through the countless problems caused by psychotic roommates and paparazzi alike, they see there's more to each other they don't know yet.And when it's true love to unlock, it's a mystery worth solving.

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